2001 — Bought a 4-track cassette recorder, started recording bands in Arlington, Texas

2002 — Moved to Austin to study film at The University of Texas. Worked as head engineer for Local Live at 91.7FM KVRX.

2005 — Embarked on the first of many DIY self-booked tours of the Midwest with my band Meryll.

2006 — Started working at Bruce Robison’s Premium Recording Service

2009 — Began touring Europe and the US as front-of-house sound engineer for Balmorhea

2010 — Moved to Chicago to work as a staff engineer at John McEntire’s Soma Electronic Music Studios.

2011 — More tours doing sound for This Will Destroy You and Balmorhea in Russia, Turkey, Europe, UK, and a Summer tour in the US with Urge Overkill.

2012 — Toured with Yamantaka // Sonic Titan throughout the US and Canada alongside Xiu Xiu. Moved back to Austin, working primarily out of Estuary.

2015 — Mixed front-of-house for Urge Overkill at Wrigley Field opening for the Foo Fighters and Cheap Trick.

2018 – 2022: played bass and keys in This Will Destroy You for two U.S. tours, including an in-the-shop live performance for Walrus Audio, culminating in my last show with the band at the Arctangent Festival at Fernhill Farm outside of Bristol, England.

2022 — Started a new band called Dismissal.